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My Challahs Don’t Rise After Shaping

Here’s a common query I get from many of you out there and this time, instead of only responding to the person writing to me, I would like to share it with all of you. The answer to this dough and rising issue is one that I know so many challah bakers need to know:…

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Challah Troubleshooting: Challah too Doughy in the Middle

How to Bake Your Challahs Evenly No more doughy middles! Question: “My challahs rise okay and seem to bake fine but when we slice them open they are too doughy or not done enough in the middle. Other times they seem to sag in the center or fall inwards. How do I take care of…

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Substituting Whole Wheat Flour Instead of White Flour

Substituting Whole Wheat Flour Instead of White Flour A frequent question I receive is about replacing white flour in a recipe with whole wheat flour. Here is today’s question from Suri: I have made your challah (from A Taste of Challah cookbook) many times and it’s delicious. How can I tweak it by making whole…

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Help! Why is my challah crumbly and sticky?

My challah crumbles when we cut it. I don’t know why. This is what I do. I never had any issues with it till now but I changed a few things. I started to use distilled water and self rising flour, maybe one of these is the problem. Not sure. But the challah is so…

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Yeast to Flour Ratio

Yeast to Flour Ratio I have read all your info on yeast, but am still confused!! – I have just bought individual 11g sachets of Instant Dry Yeast (manufacturer Dagan) – how do I use it in my challas????- I look forward to your reply – many thanks, An 11 gram packet is about 2…

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Whole Wheat Flour, Egg Substitution and Kneading

Hello again! I was about to begin baking my challah using whole wheat flour and without eggs. Your recipe says to put the ingredients into a mixer bowl and knead for ten minutes with a mixer. Do you mean a hand held mixer like I use for cakes? Or only the heavy duty bread machine…

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Yeast: Will the Challah Dough Rise to the Occasion?

WHY Don’t My Challahs Rise???? I attended one of your challah demonstrations which I thought was really good. It really inspired me to make challah in a bigger batch so that I can do the mitzva. I used your recipe that you gave out on a printed card and followed it meticulously but the dough…

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What’s the Difference Between Water Challah and Egg Challah?

What’s the Difference Between Water Challah and Egg Challah? I own your book, A Taste of Challah, you give a recipe for no-egg challah. Is this challah the same as or similar to water challah, my husband’s favorite challah? I need a water challah recipe that permits me to separate the challah from the dough…

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