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Help- My Challah Dough Doesn’t Rise Enough

Help- My Challah Dough Doesn’t Rise Enough

Today’s question is from a Challah Bytes member, Malki. She asks:

Lately I have problems that the dough doesn’t rise enough but maybe this problem can be solved to buy a new package of dry yeast. For how long do you think can dry yeast stay usable it its stored in a cupboard?

And if you can explain to me how I can avoid that the challah gets a crack in the middle and the texture is like chewing gum – I appreciate it very much.

Challahs not rising enough

If your challahs are not rising, your yeast is old. It is no longer active. Once the package of yeast has been opened, it does not last in the cabinet AT ALL.

To avoid this problem, throw out your old yeast. Buy new yeast. Use it.

Directly after using it, pour it into a good plastic container with a tight lid on it. Then place that into the FREEZER, not the cabinet, not the fridge.

Every time you want to use yeast, remove it, measure off what you want, and place it directly back into the freezer. Don’t let it sit out for any length of time. This should help you a lot.

Challahs rising out, not up

If your challahs are risen out instead of up, it’s likely that your dough is too soft or too wet. Add another 1/2 – 1 cup of flour to it next time and see if that solves your problem. Or put in just a little less water than the recipe calls for.

Gummy texture and cracking

Fresh (or frozen) yeast will also help with some of the cracking problems you are having as well as with the texture of the challah.

Kneading the dough when you first make it for at least 10-12 minutes should help as well.

I hope this helps you! Let me know how your challahs come out next time!

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