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Meet Tamar Ansh

Best-selling cookbook author and food columnist since 2004, Tamar Ansh treats individuals and groups of all stripes and sizes to a memorable cooking and baking experience. With her inspirational lectures, interactive challah demonstrations and entertaining cooking presentations Tamar captivates audiences of all ages.

Connecting women through challah

Tamar’s expertise and her passion are the result of much trial and error over the past ten years. From her first forays into challah baking to exploring the joys of yeast and kneading, Tamar discovered tried and true techniques for taste and presentation. Sharing that knowledge with women all over the world, Tamar connects women through the common bond of challah and traditional Jewish cooking.

Delicious and practical

Satisfied clients of Tamar’s challah demonstrations and cooking workshops range from 12 year old girls to corporate executives to major event coordinators. Every attendee values the attention to detail Tamar provides that results in delicious memories and practical at-home tips.

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2 challahs braids sesame seeds

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Satisfied clients include:

Gala fundraisers who want a personal touch
Bat mitzvah girls- and their mothers!
Tour groups with a Jewish affiliation
Nshei community groups
Women of all stripes and types

The highlight of my trip was your challah class. I have already embarked on making challah for the first time!

Thank you sooo much for the challah show tonight. I loved it and will remember you for a long time



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