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Everything Came Out Great

I want to thank you so much for the Pesach cookbook. I enjoyed it a lot and everything I made came out great. My biggest hits were the stuffed pumpkin squash and the potato kugel with the meat inside!!!

You are Something Else

You are something else! Where do you get all the energy???
Yaffa Ganz

The Highlight of my Trip

The highlight of my trip was your challah class. I have already embarked on making challah for the first time-myself!
Nancy, Boston, MA

Incredible… A Delightful Change

Your Pomegranate Cake and Honey-Wine Salmon were both incredible! My family & guests are bored with the same old Yom Tov foods and these were a delightful change. My guests were thrilled to enjoy something different.
Hindy, Crown Heights, NY

Consistently Soft and Tasty

I love your challah book because it’s so beautifully produced, and so inviting. Your challah recipe is excellent, consistently soft and tasty – amazing considering it has no eggs. My sister tasted it at my house and became converted … she switched her challah recipe for mine!

Three Generations Enjoying Challah

I bought two of your challah cookbooks and I gave one to my daughter. Well, here is a picture of my twin grandchildren reaching for the bread we baked. They kept trying to grab the bread and saying “hot” as we snapped pictures! They will be 2 years old in September. Enjoy the photos.

A Memorable Challah Show

Thank you sooooo much for the challah show tonight. My kids loved you and my grandchildren will remember you for a long time… May HaShem bless you and yours with many smachot in good health and with good mazal.

Braid Challah With my Eyes Closed

For years I tried braiding challah with six strands following diagrams and instructions in recipe books, but I could not get the hang of it. UNTIL some years ago when you had an article in Binah that included user-friendly diagrams and instructions. After successfully managing using the paper a number of times, I can now do it almost with closed eyes! Not only have you enhanced our Shabbos but you have also boosted my confidence!

A Treasure and a Wonderful Treat

Your Pesach Anything’s Possible Cookbook ended up being a treasure. I made at least 6 different recipes from this sensational book over Pesach and have yet to try out quite a few more recipes.
I bought MANY MANY cookbooks and subscribe to many cooking magazines and mailing lists but I have NEVER encountered a cookbook whose every page had a new recipe that just demanded to be tried .
I’m sticking to my words- what a treasure and wonderful treat this book has turned out to be. I am an absolute FAN !!

Love Your Cookies!

We love your basic cookie recipe coated in crushed peanuts that came up in Hamodia!
Sheindel, Melbourne, Australia

Just the Best Ever

Your recipe Yum, Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies are just the best ever. I doubled the recipe as I do for all my cakes and cookies for Pesach. I also chopped up chocolate instead of using chocolate chips. They are absolutely the best ever. I know my children and grandchildren will have a field day and want the recipe.

My Grandson’s Favorite

I’ve been making your non-gebroks butternut squash kugel and mushroom quiches since they first appeared. The squash dish is my grandson’s favorite, and with my daughter now gluten free, it’s been appearing ever more often! Chag sameach and keep up the good work!
Barbara, New Jersey

Muffins How They are Meant to be

I am thrilled with your recipe for Pesach Applesauce Muffins. My daughters usually comment “you reduce the sugar and change the recipe so its not how its meant to be.” I didn’t have to this time, it is all wholemeal flour and so wholesome. Miss Critical goes for them whenever she misses a meal! Thank you so much and keep these healthy recipes coming.
Sheindel, Melbourne, Australia

Such a Lovely Thing

This is such a lovely thing that you’re doing, Tamar – ממש מזכה את הרבים! I’m not terribly surprised, you do that quite frequently. And it’s an opportunity for me to express my sincere appreciation as one of the “רבים” who benefit from your creative initiatives- Yasher Kochaich.

I Enjoy Your Recipes… Such a Treat

I really enjoyed Tamar Ansh’s new recipes recently featured in Binah. Her latest book, Pesach, Anything’s possible which I received as a gift, was such a pleasure and to have seen new recipes in addition, was a real treat. It was also nice that when I had a few questions, I sent them in to you and Tamar answered me within a very short time. That was really great of her to take the time to do, especially before yom tov. Thanks Tamar for a great book!
Malky, Far Rockaway

Thanks for the Wonderful Recipes

I took out your cookbook last night and started planning my Pesach menus! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and tips and for all you do for Klal Yisroel!

So Clearly Explained

Your articles are beautiful, filled with such important information. Everything is so clearly explained, and your tips are marvelous. I’m not much of a baker (I like more to cook) but your newsletter/website has inspired me! I plan to give it a try.

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