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Challah Tip: When Challahs get Brown too Quickly

My challahs brown too fast. What should I do?

Tamar’s answer:

If your challahs look like they may burn or are browning too early there are a few things you can do.

First of all, check that your oven is on the right setting and temperature. If the temperature of your oven is set too high, the challahs will brown too quickly on top, and the tops may burn before the middle is baked.

Here is a general guideline for the ideal amount of time and temperature for baking challah, depending on the size of your challahs.

Next, if your challahs are already browning on top and you want to save them, try this:

  • Cut a large piece of foil and open your oven.
  • Slide the challahs out towards you on the oven rack and drape the foil gently over their tops.
  • Close the oven door and let the challahs finish baking this way.

You don’t have to wrap the foil tight (you won’t be able to anyhow because it is too hot in the oven by now), just drape it over. Using your oven mitt, try to secure it somewhat near the edges of the pan just a bit.

This should help your challahs from over-browning on top before they are done baking.

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