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Recipe for One Loaf of Challah

small challahs olive oil

Recipe for One Loaf of Challah As a new challah maker, I’m afraid to use all of those ingredients and have it come out poorly. I’d like to try with a smaller batch so I can perfect my skills without so much waste. Thank you. If you don’t feel ready to make a full batch…

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Why Braid Challah with Six Strands?

two loaves half covered

Why do we braid challah with six strands? This is a common question We braid with six because we want to have 12 pieces on the table in front of us. Why 12? Because our Shabbos table is reminiscent of the “shulchan” in the Beis Hamikdash, and then, there were always 12 loaves called “lechem…

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Spelt Flour Questions


Spelt Flour Questions How do I get spelt to rise properly? I let the dough rise once for 20 minutes, shape into rolls and put in oven without rising and it still doesn’t work. They come out flat. Hello and thank you for writing: Spelt flour rises and bakes differently than wheat. Keeping this in…

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Can I Freeze my Challah Dough?


One of the most often asked questions my readers send me is: Can I freeze my challah dough? To this I answer – it depends. I have heard that many do it and say that it works. Those I’ve heard or read about it from say that they shape the challahs and then freeze them…

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Yeast Questions and Information


Yeast Questions and Information What is the difference is between fresh and dry yeast? Do certain recipes require one particular kind or are they used indiscriminately? What is the exact conversion from dry yeast to live yeast and vice versa? There is a scientific difference between fresh and dry yeast. However, I do not have…

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