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Flower Shaped Challah

Flower Shaped Challah

Here’s a quick flower shape for your round challahs… a nice idea for Rosh Hashana as well as for Shavous.


Line a round pan with baking paper. An 8-10 inch round pan is a good idea and size.
Cut your dough into six – eight equal parts. Roll each one out to be identical round shapes, sort of like small balls.


Place them inside your lined pan in the shape of a flower.
Cover the pan lightly with plastic and allow it to rise until it is double in size, about 45 minutes.

Mix one whole raw egg in a glass and use it to glaze your challah. Add on seeds of choice, or add in a bit of honey to your egg glaze, to remind us that Torah is sweet and that we are asking G-d for a sweet new year. Slide the challah into your preheated 375°F / 195°C oven and bake until it is dark golden brown on both the top and bottom. Remove it from its pan to a wire rack to cool.

Another benefit to this shape is that it can also be used as a ‘pull-apart challah’!

Freeze in a good quality freezer bag until the day of use and enjoy.

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