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Sprouted Wheat Challah

I have a special treat for you: a sprouted wheat challah recipe from one of our readers, Chava Dumas! Here it is, in Chava’s own words: These humble healthy challahs look so heimish to appear alongside Tamar’s elegant professional looking challahs, but indeed they have an incredible taste from the sprouted wheat kernels. When I…

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Onion-Filled Hamantaschen Challah

Onion-Filled Hamantaschen Challah First, prepare a good challah dough. If you need a recipe, check where I’ve posted many challah recipes, as well as my “Incredible Challah Dough Recipe” card that can be downloaded free from the site as well! Ingredients Challah dough 1/4 cup oil for smearing 1 egg for glazing 2 onions,…

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Sweet Challah Toppings

Sweet Challah Toppings Sweet crumble topping 100 grams marg 1/2 cup white sugar 1 cup flour 1 tsp. cinnamon Crumble it together until it’s, well, crumbs. If too mushy, add more sugar another 2 Tablespoons and a bit more flour. Recrumble. If it is too dry, add a bit more margarine. I try not to…

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Recipe for One Loaf of Challah

Recipe for One Loaf of Challah As a new challah maker, I’m afraid to use all of those ingredients and have it come out poorly. I’d like to try with a smaller batch so I can perfect my skills without so much waste. Thank you. If you don’t feel ready to make a full batch…

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Spelt Bread or Challah

Spelt Bread or Challah Spelt flour is a very nice alternative for those who are wheat sensitive. It is healthy and quite tasty, so it can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Spelt flour can also be purchased as whole grain spelt flour – which is darker, or as white spelt flour – which is…

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Small Dough Egg Challahs

Small Dough Egg Challahs For those who wanted a small quantity dough recipe, here’s a really successful one… My 11 year old daughter makes these all by herself! Since she is not 12 years old yet, ie, bat mitzvah age, in any case she cant do the mitzvah of hafrashas challah on her own, and…

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Quickie Whole-Wheat Challah

Quickie Whole-Wheat Challah This is a great, easy Erev Shabbos/ Friday morning recipe that I developed only recently. If followed exactly, your challahs should come out light and fluffy, with a delicately golden and slightly crispy crust. It makes 6 medium-sized loaves or 4 larger ones. (This size dough has the minimum amount of flour…

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Authentic Chassidic Challah

Authentic Chassidic Challah This recipe is from Rebbetzin Sarah Meisels Biographical note: Rebbetzin Sarah Meisels was raised in Brooklyn, NY, the daughter of the well known Chassidic Grand Rebbe, R’Shlomo Halbershtam, zt”l (obm). R’ Shlomo was a scion of the Bobover Dynasty, and led a large community of Chassidim in pre-war Europe, following in the…

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Puffed Matzo Bread Rolls

Puffed Matzo Bread Rolls This is a great, easy alternative bread recipe that I got from my mother. It literally takes less than 10 minutes from start to bake, and for those who use matzo meal on Passover, you can make them on Passover as well! This also works well for those who cannot eat…

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Whole Wheat Olive Oil Challah

Whole Wheat Olive Oil Challah Yields: 2 large challahs or 3 medium sized ones Ingredients 2-2 ½ cups warm water, start with 2 cups 5 ½ cups light or 70% whole wheat flour 1 ¾ cups regular whole wheat flour 1/3 – 1/2 cup light brown sugar ½ T. salt, plus a bit more ¼…

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