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My Challahs Don’t Rise After Shaping

Here’s a common query I get from many of you out there and this time, instead of only responding to the person writing to me, I would like to share it with all of you. The answer to this dough and rising issue is one that I know so many challah bakers need to know:…

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ELC’s Jerusalem Challah Bake Recap Video and Feedback

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How to Make a Smooth & Perfect Challah Dough

How to Make a Smooth & Perfect Challah Dough Beyond the Recipe For many people following a recipe to make good challahs isn’t enough. They need to know how to have that “feel” that really makes a dough from something hard or lumpy into something smooth, elastic and wonderful to work with, something amazing to…

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Great Big Jerusalem Challah Bake – Thoughts and Photos

This past Thursday night (Nov. 10, 2016) was one of the highlights of my entire challah demonstration career. I was zocheh to give a challah event – far more than just a demo – in front of around 1,000 women from every walk of life here in Yerushalayim, Ir HaKodesh as part of the worldwide…

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Round Keter Crown Challah for Rosh Hashana: Free Shaping Video

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Challah Tip: Fully Risen and Light in Texture

A reader named Esther sent in her favorite of Tamar’s challah tips: I have been baking challahs for more years than I can remember and have tried all sorts of tips light and fluffy. I have tried: Soda water Punching down the dough in the middle of rising Using “meshaper” And many more The winner…

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Challah Troubleshooting: Challah too Doughy in the Middle

How to Bake Your Challahs Evenly No more doughy middles! Question: “My challahs rise okay and seem to bake fine but when we slice them open they are too doughy or not done enough in the middle. Other times they seem to sag in the center or fall inwards. How do I take care of…

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Special Challah Shape: Two-tone Flower Challahs

Two-tone Flower Challahs I love making these for Shavous. They are so easy to do, look so nice and even come out sort of flower-y shaped. There’s no specific “minhag” to make challahs like a flower for Shavous; it’s rather just something I enjoy doing in honor of Shavous. Make a batch of white dough…

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Substituting Whole Wheat Flour Instead of White Flour

Substituting Whole Wheat Flour Instead of White Flour A frequent question I receive is about replacing white flour in a recipe with whole wheat flour. Here is today’s question from Suri: I have made your challah (from A Taste of Challah cookbook) many times and it’s delicious. How can I tweak it by making whole…

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