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What’s the Difference Between Water Challah and Egg Challah?

What’s the Difference Between Water Challah and Egg Challah?

I own your book, A Taste of Challah, you give a recipe for no-egg challah. Is this challah the same as or similar to water challah, my husband’s favorite challah? I need a water challah recipe that permits me to separate the challah from the dough WITH a bracha. Thank you!

This answer depends on w hat you refer to as water challah. Some people call it water challah when only the eggs are taken out of the recipe. Others consider it water challah only if there is nearly no sugar, and no eggs and very little to no oil in the dough a true water challah. The amount to separate (be mafrish challah ) with a bracha is only dependant on the amount of flour used in the recipe. So long as you’ve reached 2.25 kilos of flour (close to 16 or 17 cups of flour) you can be mafrish with a bracha. Some poskim do hold of a bit less but I use this amount because it is the most widely accepted opinion, especially among Ashkenazim.

One more thing- I would not think that my no egg challah is a water challah. It is too rich, even without the eggs inside it, to be a water challah. The water challah on page 110 is probably much more similar to what you husband has in mind.

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