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Fire and safety tips for Chanukah

Fire and safety tips for Chanukah

This special fire safety download was prepared by Mrs. Chaya Malka Abramson.
Chaya Malka Burn Foundation
Author of Who By Fire

The download includes:
* A poem about how to be careful during Chanukah in your home.* How to prevent burn accidents.* What to do in case of a burn, challillah.

May you never need to use this information!

Chaya Malka’s Story:

It is 34 years since I was 85% severely burnt in a gas explosion in the Old City, and b’chasdei Hashem, saved my children and grandmother as well.
My book, Who By Fire, tells the story in full.

I survived, Baruch Hashem, and once I was well, I started visiting other burn patients, knowing full well what they are suffering. In 2003 we founded the Chaya Malka Burn Foundation.

We realized that we need​ed​ to promote prevention, but ​ACCIDENTS STILL HAPPEN!​

Our foundation is focusing on IMMEDIATE FIRST RESPONSE to BURNS, as its benefits are many:

If you know what to do in case of a burn, it will save tremendous pain, suffering, ​trauma, ​trips to the hospital, time, money, and​ even skin grafts.

You can prevent burns​ with items most of us have in our kitchen.​

Please read and keep this information handy.

B’hatzlacha ​R​aba!

​Chaya Malka Abramson​
Chaya Malka Burn Foundation, Someone else cares
Supporting Burn Patients
Tel (in Israel): 02 6733196  leave a message
0527 627 954 Call to get First Response Aid closest to you.

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