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Chanukah, Potato Latkes and More!

Chanukah, Potato Latkes and More!

Hello everyone –

Just to wish a very Happy Chanukah to you!
I saw a very beautiful short piece today about some of the laws of Chanukah. It said that the holiness of Torah comes through the lights of Shabbos and the lights of the Chanukah menorah. Spending time being careful about the lighting and actually sitting to gaze at the lights gives yourself and your families a tremendous amount of holiness. And all you have to do is sit and enjoy them!
“The lights of Shabbos and the lights of Chanukah have the light of Torah within them.”

While gazing at the lights it is also a very opportune time to pray for your children and grandchildren to be yarei Shomayim, upright, holy Jews, to grow in the right way – something we all want for our families.

I put up a few recipes to keep us all in the Chanukah spirit, here they are for you to enjoy as well:

Of course we have to have ordinary Chanukah latkes…but not so ordinary. Here are THREE different ways for you to enjoy your ‘ordinary’ Chankah latkes!
Chaunkah Potato Latkes
Latke Muffin Kugelettes
Lite Chanukah Latkes

And then here’s a few dairy ideas for you to try as well, including different latke ideas

Greek dairy quiche with olives and cheese
Chocolate chip cheese latkes – my kids really enjoyed these when they were younger, and you can make them whole wheat as well
And for a bit of a different twist on ordinary potato latkes, why not try these zucchini cheese potato latkes, low fat!

Have a lichtige, wonderful Chanukah full of light, Torah and all good things,
All the best,
Tamar Ansh

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