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Challah Classes

Challah Inspiration That Lasts a Lifetime

Consider a challah show for your next event. The menu for each show is unique and personalized for every audience, and is developed according to the specifications of each event organizer.

The challah show begins with:
• Dvar Torah about challah and the source of the mitzvah.
• Inspiration to get women to understand how important it is to do the mitzvah of challah, one of the three main mitzvohs of women.
• Commonly asked questions and answers with some time for the women to ask what they want.

The next stage is a presentation using a challah dough prepared in advance.
• Demonstrate several beautiful shapes of challah.
• Can include an actual hafrasha.

Throughout the workshop, Tamar focuses on tips and strategies for making your challah the best it can be!

Types of challah classes and shows include:


Book Tamar for your next event or Bat Mitzvah and make it a memorable experience.