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Esrog Jelly

Some of you wrote me asking how to use your esrogim to make esrog jelly.

I have to admit that I only tried it once in my life and was not terribly successful at it so I haven’t done it again. This recipe is from Hamodia Newspaper (Oct. 30th, 2014 issue), there is an entire page all about how to use the esrog now that Succos is over, together with all the sources for the minhag of doing this and several recipes.

This is how the author says to make the jelly:

Soak the esrog for a week, changing the water daily.
Then slice the esrog thinly and remove the seeds.
Boil the slices three times, changing the water after each boiling.

Don’t skip or shorten the soaking or boiling processes. This is the key to getting rid of its bitterness.

After you’ve finished with all the soaking and boiling processes, add in two pounds (1 kilo) of sugar and some thin lemon slices.
Fill the pot you’ve put them in with water until it covers the mixture completely.
Cook this together for two hours until it looks like clear syrup.
Cool and refrigerate.

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