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Can I Freeze my Challah Dough?

One of the most often asked questions my readers send me is:

Can I freeze my challah dough?

To this I answer – it depends. I have heard that many do it and say that it works. Those I’ve heard or read about it from say that they shape the challahs and then freeze them before they are risen. The day they want to bake them, they put them frozen into the desired size pan and let them defrost and then rise. When risen, they bake it.

However, I have never had success with this method. I tried it and the challahs simply did not come out the same. As my very large challah dough is rising on my table as I type this to you, I prefer to bake them all, and only freeze them after they are baked and cooled off. If you use good quality heavy plastic freezer bags and have a good freezer, your challahs will always stay fresh this way. And best of all, it’s completely done and ready! Just defrost 4-5 hours before you will be eating them.

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