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Home-made Labaneh (similar to Greek Yoghurt )

Home-made Labenah

This comes out really more like thick “Greek” yoghurt.
Submitted by Laura, a Challah Bytes reader

For this I use a combination of ready made yoghurt, gil, eshel, 9% sour cream.
I try to keep the fat content of the yoghurt down as much as possible. Of course the higher the fat content the tastier it is.
Use only plain, unsweetened, non-bio, completely plain yoghurt — we use Tnuva but I guess Tara or another brand of yoghurt is o.k.

You can make it in more or less any proportions you like. We use more youghurt (regular 4.5%) to give it more of a sour taste.


I made the labneh yesterday in the following proportions:

6 containers regular yoghurt
2 containers eshel
2 containers gil
1 container 9% sour cream
Around 3/4 teaspoon salt


1) Mix everything together in a bowl.
2) Line a fine strainer with cheese cloth and place strainer in a bowl.
Make sure there is space between the strainer and the bowl since the mixture will give off liquid.
3) Place mixture in the cheese-cloth lined strainer in the bowl.
4) Cover with a plate and place the bowl in the refrigerator.
5) It takes about 3 days for all the moisture (liquid) to drain from the mixture.
I take the bowl out every day and drain off the moisture (I think this is called the “whey”) that has collected in the bowl.
6) When it reaches the consistency you like transfer it to a covered container and enjoy.

Please note, my sister-in-law adds a little (just a pinch) of lemon salt to the mixture when it’s done as she likes it with a more sour taste.
You can also add a little more salt if you like it saltier.


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