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Types of Whole Wheat Flour

A Word About Types of Whole Wheat Flour

There are several types on the market, both in Israel as well as abroad.

There is regular, stone ground whole wheat flour which is tasty and healthy, but a much heavier, bran-ny kind of consistency.

Then there is something called very finely ground whole wheat flour. It is so fine that it works and even closely resembles white flour. I have found that it can almost universally be substituted for white flour. It is not bleached, it is whole wheat, and it works amazingly well even without mixing it together with white flour.

The difference between this kind of whole wheat and the more stone ground version is that it is fine and also that is has some of the bran taken out of it so that it is not as heavy as the regular whole wheat flour.

When I say “finely ground” I mean this super ground flour, when I say “regular whole wheat”, I am referring to the heavier whole wheat

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