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Top 3 Tips for Those New to Baking Challah

What are your top 3 tips for someone who wants to start baking challah?

1. Read the book from the beginning to the end first so you see what is involved.

2. If you’ve never baked challah before, don’t do it the first time on a pressurized Friday. Do it on a day that you have more time. Don’t expect perfection immediately. Remember: the mitzvah is the separating the dough, IF you have enough quantity of flour (about 5 lbs. of flour in the dough – which is why the main recipe of the book is based on 17 cups of flour, i.e., 5 lbs.).

3. If your challahs are not pretty to start off with, don’t despair – neither were mine! There is hope! It will get better! And besides, you can always write to me on my “help-my-challahs aren’t coming out-hotline” at … Better yet – come to one of my live shows or see the challah video I did for those who like to see things up close.

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