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How Did You Come to Know so Much About Challah?

How Did You Come to Know so Much About Challah?

A Taste of Challah is a cumulative work of many years of baking and experimenting with challah, yeast doughs, and bread, as well as practice with wide variety of techniques for braiding and shaping the dough. I most certainly did not start off knowing anything at all aside from that I wanted to make good challahs! In this book it is my aim to take this special art of making home made challahs, and demonstrate to you, the reader, to you, the irreplaceable homemaker, how simple yet satisfying and rewarding this can be. And how this one act of baking can raise the level of spirituality in your kitchen and in your family’s home well beyond what you ever thought possible.

The book also includes an easy to read guide at the end on exactly how this mitzvah is performed. No matter who reads it, no matter the level of religious observance or familiarity with Jewish matters, any Jewish woman can now perform this sacred task properly. And anyone can now make the most beautiful, as well as delicious and healthy challahs that will make any homemaker proud.

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