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Secret Italian Crispy Chicken

7_iStock_000013794638XSmall breaded chicken spices

Secret Italian Crispy Chicken This recipe makes enough for two whole chickens, cut into quarters or eighths. If you want to do only one chicken at a time, just use less marinade. Ingredients Crispy Chicken 2 chickens, skinned, cleaned and cut into the size pieces you prefer 1 cup Italian dressing (recipe to follow) 1…

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Leftover Chicken- Not Again!

salmon burgers

Leftover Chicken- Not Again! I have several little packages of leftover chicken pieces from various different chicken meals all over my freezer. I am loathe to throw them out, yet I don’t like them cluttering up my freezer. But if I attempt to seve them, my kids will cry “Ugh, Mommy, not those leftovers again!”…

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Tangy Cranberry Meatballs


Tangy Cranberry Meatballs This great recipe is based on my regular meatball recipe with cranberry sauce and a bit of wine added. The flavor is unique and makes this a Yom Tov specialty! You can make the meatballs any size you like; I think it looks (and stretches) best when the meatballs are tiny, but…

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Cranberry Chicken


Cranberry Chicken This one is a family favorite. My mother got it years ago, shortly before I got married, from I-don’t-know-where and she liked it so much that she taught it to the caterer of my wedding and had him make it for the meal! Since then I save it especially for this time of…

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Savory Aromatic Shabbos Chicken

savory shabbos chicken

Simple, delicious and a sure hit Friday nights Savory Aromatic Chicken Serves 5-6 Ingredients 1 large chicken, cut into serving pieces for at least 5-6 people 2 medium sized sweet potatoes, cut into 5 circles each 2 potatoes, cut into 5 circles each 1 tablespoon paprika 1/8 teaspoon paprika charifa, hot red pepper, optional 1…

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    I bought two of your challah cookbooks and I gave one to my daughter. Well, here is a picture of my twin grandchildren reaching for the bread we baked. They kept trying to grab the bread and saying "hot" as we snapped pictures! They will be 2 years old in September. Enjoy the photos.