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Chef Avi Chemal’s Distinctively Delicious Halva Hamentashen

Chef Avi Chemal’s Distinctively Delicious Halva Hamentashen Ingredients Dough: 3 cups flour ½ c. sugar 1 c. margarine or butter 1 Tbsp. baking powder 2 eggs 3 Tbsp. orange juice ½ tsp. vanilla extract Filling: Chopped walnuts Coconut flakes Crushed halva Method Using a mixer, combine sugar and margarine/butter till fluffy. Add remaining ingredients and…

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Meatball-filled Mini Pie Hamantaschen

Meatball-filled Mini Pie Hamantaschen Ingredients 7 ounces of ground beef 1 onion chopped and sautéed till lightly browned 2 onions sliced into half rings 1 egg Salt Cinnamon Coarse black pepper Pie dough, or ready-made unbaked pie dough Optional: Thinly sliced cranberries and/or other dried fruits foil cupcake/muffin tins Method Preheat oven to 350°F. Mix…

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Colorful Sweet Hamantashen

Colorful Sweet Hamantashen Ingredients Challah dough 1/4 cup oil for smearing 1 egg for glazing 2 tablespoons poppy seeds Colorful sprinkles Method Cut challah dough into sections that are between 6-7 tablespoons in size. Shape each piece gently into a ball. Roll out each ball so that it resembles a flat circle. Fill each with…

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Onion-Filled Hamantaschen Challah

Onion-Filled Hamantaschen Challah First, prepare a good challah dough. If you need a recipe, check where I’ve posted many challah recipes, as well as my “Incredible Challah Dough Recipe” card that can be downloaded free from the site as well! Ingredients Challah dough 1/4 cup oil for smearing 1 egg for glazing 2 onions,…

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Zebra Hamantaschen

Zebra Hamantaschen A great new twist on ordinary hamantaschen. Hamantaschen are not just cookies or pastries; and although they are delicious unto themselves, most of us don’t really make them at any time of year other than Purim. And that’s good – it is what keeps this cookie with its tri-cornered shape special. This year,…

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Trans-Fat Free Hamantaschen

Trans-Fat Free Hamantaschen That means no marg at all! I must admit that although hamantaschen are relatively simple, it took me quite a few recipes until I finally found one that I really like a lot and that always works. These are just great; watch out if you make them in advance (as I do)……

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Veggie Roll Up Hamantaschen

Veggie Roll Up Hamantaschen Great and Tasty Side dish to your Purim meal! Ingredients You’ll need a package of puff pastry dough (also known as ‘batzek alim merudad’) In a large frying pan with about 3 Tablespoons of canola oil, sautee all or a combo of the following veggies, sliced: 2 onions A few cloves…

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