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How to Make a Smooth & Perfect Challah Dough

How to Make a Smooth & Perfect Challah Dough Beyond the Recipe For many people following a recipe to make good challahs isn’t enough. They need to know how to have that “feel” that really makes a dough from something hard or lumpy into something smooth, elastic and wonderful to work with, something amazing to…

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Round Keter Crown Challah for Rosh Hashana: Free Shaping Video

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Challah Tip: Fully Risen and Light in Texture

A reader named Esther sent in her favorite of Tamar’s challah tips: I have been baking challahs for more years than I can remember and have tried all sorts of tips light and fluffy. I have tried: Soda water Punching down the dough in the middle of rising Using “meshaper” And many more The winner…

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Special Challah Shape: Two-tone Flower Challahs

Two-tone Flower Challahs I love making these for Shavous. They are so easy to do, look so nice and even come out sort of flower-y shaped. There’s no specific “minhag” to make challahs like a flower for Shavous; it’s rather just something I enjoy doing in honor of Shavous. Make a batch of white dough…

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Flower Shaped Challah

Flower Shaped Challah Here’s a quick flower shape for your round challahs… a nice idea for Rosh Hashana as well as for Shavous. Ingredients Line a round pan with baking paper. An 8-10 inch round pan is a good idea and size. Cut your dough into six – eight equal parts. Roll each one out…

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Easy and Elegant Round Challah Shaping

Easy and Elegant Round Challah Shaping One quick idea that I can share with you here is a very simple but beautiful knot: Make three long strands of dough and then braid them into a simple, regular braid of three. Then, holding this now long braid, knot it into a circle and bring the end…

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Egg Glazing Tip

Egg Glazing Tip A nice tip that I can mention here, is that if you’d like your egg glaze to look 100% clean without that “drip” look so many of us have, you blend the eggs in your hand blender first, then smear them on. The egg glaze should go on evenly that way without…

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Can I Freeze my Challah Dough?

One of the most often asked questions my readers send me is: Can I freeze my challah dough? To this I answer – it depends. I have heard that many do it and say that it works. Those I’ve heard or read about it from say that they shape the challahs and then freeze them…

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