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ELC’s Jerusalem Challah Bake Recap Video and Feedback

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Great Big Jerusalem Challah Bake – Thoughts and Photos

This past Thursday night (Nov. 10, 2016) was one of the highlights of my entire challah demonstration career. I was zocheh to give a challah event – far more than just a demo – in front of around 1,000 women from every walk of life here in Yerushalayim, Ir HaKodesh as part of the worldwide…

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The History of Challah

A great treat for you, dear readers! An in depth look at the history of challah by Libi Astaire, published in Mishpacha Magazine. Here’s a short excerpt I found fascinating, as the first appearance of challah in the braided shape we know today: At some point during the 1400s, braided breads using the best available…

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How Did You Come to Know so Much About Challah?

How Did You Come to Know so Much About Challah? A Taste of Challah is a cumulative work of many years of baking and experimenting with challah, yeast doughs, and bread, as well as practice with wide variety of techniques for braiding and shaping the dough. I most certainly did not start off knowing anything…

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Why an Entire Book on Just Challah?

Why an Entire Book on Just Challah? Bread is a staple food item that every person, in every culture, is familiar with. Challah is unique in that it is a bread item – yet it is also, or maybe even more so, a spiritual item. Bread is a staple food item that every person, in…

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Why Did You Write “A Taste of Challah?”

Why did you write “A Taste of Challah?” I’ve been asked this questions many times, especially when I do a live presentation about challah – what prompted me to want to write an entire book on challah. The answer is kind of simple: I didn’t know how to make challah and so I went looking…

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Why are so Many Afraid of Baking Challah?

Why are so many scared away from baking challah? What advice do you have for them? I think a lot of people just assume that making your own challahs is a project, a burden, something that will take too long and be too hard to do. Many, many women are also not aware of the…

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Why Does Challah Touch the Soul of so Many?

Challah seems to touch the soul of so many…why do you think that is? Because its essence is holy; since it is a mitzvah from our Torah, it is NOT just another baking session.

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Do You Bake Challah Each Week?

Do you bake challah each week? I most certainly try… Most importantly of all, besides praying while you create the challahs, praying when you do the mitzvah and praying that it comes out good (Yes! I do that too!) is to just enjoy the process. It may take a bit longer than a cake, but…

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Is Challah Baking Today Different From 100 Years Ago?

Is Challah baking today different from 100 years ago? How? Can’t say that I’m exactly old enough to know the differences myself…but I’m sure it involved different steps since they did not have electric ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and the plethora of ready made flour and materials that we have today. My grandmother, may she live…

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    Braid Challah With my Eyes Closed

    For years I tried braiding challah with six strands following diagrams and instructions in recipe books, but I could not get the hang of it. UNTIL some years ago when you had an article in Binah that included user-friendly diagrams and instructions. After successfully managing using the paper a number of times, I can now do it almost with closed eyes! Not only have you enhanced our Shabbos but you have also boosted my confidence!